You get what you pay for: How we helped a regional medical group save millions on their carpets

Twenty-seven years ago, a well-known medical practice with multiple locations had just about had it with building services companies and poorly trained professional carpet cleaning companies. As a multi-specialty medical group, now under new ownership with 16 locations throughout the Pikes Peak region, the rapid resoiling and replacement of their carpets was not just draining them financially, but affecting the overall cleanliness of their facilities. This even caused a visit from the El Paso County Health Department in 1993. 

The Problem

Though the carpet was ‘clean’ when the budget carpet cleaners left, it was only a matter of days until it was resoiled. Over time, it seemed to attract dirt even more quickly than before! When the medical practice questioned their building services company and untrained professional carpet cleaners, they were told that was just the nature of a high traffic facility. The poor appearance led the medical group to replace their carpets every 3 to 5 years, just to keep the place looking clean.

The Solution

At a loss and after consulting the carpet manufacturer, the medical practice was referred to one last Colorado Springs IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner for help in maintaining their facilities. Luckily, Carpet Care Craftsman was the last professional carpet cleaner they would need. Over the nearly 30-year partnership, they designed a specialized maintenance program that saves money over time with proper carpet maintenance. By monitoring foot traffic, growth patterns, as well as implementing strategic spot cleaning at entrances and high use areas, the medical facilities are able to enjoy a healthier indoor environment that stayed cleaner longer. 

With Carpet Care Craftsman providing proper cleaning on a regular basis, the life of their carpets has been extended from 2-5 years (with poor appearance in the last 2-3 years) to 15-20 years with excellent appearance until replacement. This kind of lifespan is almost unheard of for medical or commercial facilities and can only be achieved by cleaners with a deep understanding of carpets and the chemistry that goes into cleaning them. 

You Get What You Put In

By maintaining carpets instead of replacing them, Carpet Care Craftsman has saved the medical practice over $600,000 on product costs in just the first 5 years (does not include moving furniture, down time, etc..). Spending money on maintaining and cleaning carpets regularly actually saved them millions on frequent replacement in all 16 facilities. Not to mention, a cleaner carpet means happier guests and a healthier indoor environment.  

Scheduled carpet maintenance is an investment, especially when it comes to high traffic commercial facilities. However, by making this investment, you can extend the looks and life of your carpet by 15 or 20 years. Not only do you avoid the cost and hassle of frequent replacement, but your facility looks and feels cleaner for much longer. 

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