Questions and Answers About Carpet Inspections

Q. What is a carpet inspection?
A. A carpet inspection is an on-site evaluation of a perceived problem with a carpet.

Q. Who usually hires a carpet inspector?
A. Anyone can hire a Carpet Inspector; however, it is customary for the manufacturer to hire the inspector after a claim is filed by the retailer on behalf of the consumer.

Q. What if I do not agree with the inspectors findings.
A. You can hire your own Carpet Inspector. If a defect is found you may request the manufacturer reopen the claim.
Note: I have helped reopen denied claims by identifying defects missed by other inspectors.

Q. What if the problem is installation related?
A. You may have recourse through the installation contractor if still in the warranty period. If outside of the warranty period it becomes your responsibility and your expense.

Q. What if the installation is still under warranty?
A. If the installation is under warranty coverage the inspector can document the deficiencies and work with the installation contractor to ensure the corrections meet the requirements of The Carpet & Rug Institute’s Standard for Installation of Residential Carpet, CRI 105, 2002.

Q. What if the problem is manufacturing related?
A. A report is forwarded to the manufacturer and in some cases a sample piece is forwarded for testing to determine the defect.

Q. How do I know if I have a problem?
A. Why guess, with over 38 years carpet installation & maintenance experience, I can help identify manufacturing defects, installation deficiencies or maintenance concerns.

If there is an actual manufacturing defect I will help guide you through the claims process. If it is an installation related problem I will be happy to work with your installer or ours to make the corrections. If there is a maintenance concern I will help design a program that helps correct the problem and prevents future damage.

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