Stiff Carpet Syndrome. The Cause, The Cure.

Have you ever experienced a stiff carpet (feels like you are walking on bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts) after it was cleaned and when you called to inquire why it is stiff you are told it will soften after you vacuum.

What Causes Carpet Crunchiness?

Soap residue causes carpets to feel crunchy. Most cleaners use a one-step cleaning process or even worse an improper two step cleaning process. A one step cleaning process is when the cleaner pulls his cleaning wand into the home and begins to clean injecting soapy water into the carpet. Sure it looks like its cleaning, but how is the soap being removed. There is no clear water rinse. Eventually the residue wicks back up the fiber during evaporation and dries to a stiff residue.

An improper two-step cleaning process is when the cleaner injects a preconditioning agent on the carpet and follows with a rinse extraction solution to help buffer the pH of the cleaning solution. This is equivalent to washing your hair with shampoo and rinsing with soapy water.

That is why Carpet Care Craftsman is a Carpet & Rug Institute, Seal of Approval Service Provider. We use Gold Rated cleaning Systems and Cleaning Agents and follow with a 250 – 300 Degree F Hot Water Rinse.

Call 719-391-0623 get back that “Clean & Fluffy” carpet you bought and a 30 day cleaning guarantee.

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