Should You Save Your Carpet or Throw It Out?

5 Things to Look For in Assessing Your Carpet

1. Wrinkles – Is the carpet just loose or is it damaged?

Improper installation is the number one cause of loose carpet. This can be repaired. De-lamination or separation of the backing materials may cause wrinkling, this condition is irreversible and cause for replacement.

2. Tears – Don’t want your carpet to look like a patch quilt?

Resections are meant to be stronger than the surrounding carpet. If properly performed the insert can be virtually invisible, if not the repair can look like a patch quilt.

3. Dirt/Stains – Replacing carpet because no one can remove difficult stains?

Dirt and colored stains on a white nylon carpet are probably some of the most difficult challenges carpet cleaners face. If you understand the chemistry of the stain, you will have a better understanding of how to remove it from even a white nylon carpet.

4. Matting – Do your traffic lanes look different than the edges of rooms?

Matting condition is usually related to a low density, low twist yarn on a carpet with a short-term warranty. Usually the products warranty will not cover this condition because it is considered an inherent characteristic.

5. Color Loss – Are the areas green, orange, yellow, or white?

Color restoration is an art and matching color is a practiced talent.

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