Carpet Repair in Colorado Springs

Pet carpet damage

We Repair Holes, Tears, and Other Carpet Problems
Do you have holes, tears, candle accidents or something similar on your carpet? Does your dog ever paw or tear at the carpet? Maybe your carpet is in pretty good shape but simply isn’t fluffy any more. Has it lost that “new” look? If so, we can help. But first, we have a few questions:

Questions About Your Carpet

  • Is the backing on your carpet coming up?
  • Do you ever trip over your carpet?
  • Are buckles in the carpet visible?
  • Does the appearance change very little after your vacuum?
  • Do you walk on dark traffic lanes?

CRI Carpet Installation Standard
This minimum standard requirement for installation of carpet is based upon reliable principles and procedures. These principles are developed through practical experience, research, and information. All of this is obtained from manufacturers, retailers, installers, end users, testing laboratories, and others who have specialized expertise.

Download the Carpet Installation Standards:

Why Your Carpet May Need a Good Cleaning

When you vacuum and you don’t have tight carpet, it drags the yarns and combs the fibers. The friction from this combing action releases the twists in the carpet, causing it to lay down and hold dirt in. Therefore, no more fluffy carpet!

But when the carpet is tight (i.e. properly stretched), the beater bar on the vacuum creates sufficient vibration. This allows the dirt to lift, which makes it easier for the vacuum to extract. If this is the case with your carpet, we can help put the “spring” back into your carpet.

Diagram of carpet and why it needs cleaning


Carpet and rug tear repair in Colorado Springs