Proper Cleaning Techniques For Most Water-Based Spots

The wrong carpet spotting technique can cause more damage than do good. In fact it doesn’t matter how good your cleaning agent performs, improper technique will almost always ensure the spot will return and in most cases larger than before. Anyone can make a carpet look clean, proper spotting techniques will guarantee the carpet will stay looking clean longer.

  1. For over the counter spotters; apply spotter to the spot per label directions
  2. Take a serving spoon and tap the surface of the carpet to allow for penetration of the cleaning agent into the yarn (do not rub as this causes damage)
  3. Blot (extract) excess with paper towel until there is no more transfer of contaminants
  4. Apply clear water and blot (extract) until there is no more transfer of contaminants
  5. Pack spot using technique in Mystery of the Reappearing Spot Story on pages one and two of this issue
  6. If the spot does not go away, call us at 719-391-0623, we can help

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