One Of The Leading Causes of Premature Carpet Replacement

Carpet is constructed to last 5 to 10 years and when properly installed can last beyond the manufacturers expected life span. A quality installation is the first step in the process and if performed improperly can cause the carpet to wrinkle, soil faster and perform poorly.

The Carpet and Rug Institute’s Standard for Installation of Residential Carpet, CRI 105, 2002 establishes minimum industry standards for the installation of residential carpet. According to CRI 105, Page 17, 7.5: Failure to power stretch a carpet may result in:

  • Wrinkling and buckling over time
  • Localized damage to the carpet
  • De-lamination

Wrinkling and buckling are not only unsightly, they can create trip hazards (causing bodily injury) and makes vacuuming a challenge. Usually damage to the surface pile begins at the wrinkles as a result often excess carpet gathering. The raised areas of the carpet at the wrinkles eventually begin to darken and show soil. Cleaning becomes challenging due to the excess carpet gathering at the wrinkles. At some point the carpet backings begin to separate as the laminate that holds the carpet together begins to break down and in most cases turns to powder. Surface pile begins to release from the carpet and bald spots begin to appear at the wrinkles.

A carpet made to last 5 to10 years can die in less than 3 years leading to premature replacement or total removal.To add to the frustration, retailers usually hire subcontractors to install the carpet allowing them to wash their hands of the installation warranty. The majority of carpet installers who install carpet improperly usually will not honor a workmanship warranty for more than a year and in most cases get paid more money to come back and improperly try to correct what they did wrong in the first place.

When a carpet is installed right it is like walking on a trampoline, there is a spring in your step. Vacuuming is easier because the vacuum glides across the carpet surface instead of dragging the excess carpet up into the beater bar chamber of the vacuum. So how are you supposed to know if an installation is done right or wrong.

Call us for a free on-site consultation with our Senior Carpet Inspector. Allen Shipley has over 38 years experience in the carpet industry as both an installation and maintenance contractor. He can identify improper installation practices and develop a plan to correct the problems. All work performed is in compliance with CRI 105 and all re-stretches/repairs come with a life of the carpet, workmanship guarantee that is transferable.

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