Is Your Carpet Performing to Your Expectations?

Does your carpet look flat, lifeless, and fails to respond to vacuuming or cleaning? Are you embarrassed to bring friends or family over because your carpets look so bad? It may not be your carpets fault. It may be the result of improper installation practices. A carpet that is not installed properly does not perform properly.

That is why the Carpet Manufacturer’s have required that carpets be installed per the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Standard for Installation of Residential Carpet, CRI 105, 2002 or CRI 104, 2002 for commercial installations. This standard provides a step by step procedure for the installation of all types carpet in residential and commercial facilities. Carpets installed over a separate cushion should be stretched 1% to 1-1/2% in both the length and width following the seven step stretch diagram provided in the document. If the carpet is not properly stretch performance is greatly affected.

Re-stretching and cleaning can bring your carpet back to a like new appearance. If you are embarrassed with your carpet, and want to find out if stretching and cleaning can help call 719-391-0623.

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