Improper Maintenance: The 2nd Leading Cause of Premature Carpet Replacement

When you bought your carpet it was: bright and vibrant in color, soft and fluffy to the touch. After a while the carpet required cleaning and you began to shop for a carpet cleaner or rented a do-it-yourself machine. The prices varied and you decided to use the lowest price cleaner because lets face it as far as you are concerned all cleaners are alike.

Soon (Within days) after the cleaning spots begin to appear where the carpet was supposed to have been cleaned. After a few weeks the traffic lanes begin to darken so you have the same cleaner come out or rent more equipment and end up paying for another cleaning. The carpet looks clean for a few days and then the cycle begins all over again. The carpet no longer feels soft and fluffy and the color sure isn’t vibrant like it was when it was new.

What went wrong? Why won’t the carpet come clean?

The problem is the carpet cleaner or rental equipment probably uses what we call the “one-step carpet cleaning system”. This is when the carpet cleaner or rental equipment uses an extraction detergent to clean and rinse the carpet. This system never follows the cleaning process with a clear water rinse leaving soap on the carpet fiber. Nylon fibers consist of tiny filaments that are similar to hair. Imagine cleaning your hair with shampoo and not rinsing with water.

YUK! Back in the 1970’s there was an aerosol shampoo called “PSSSST” that marketed to women on the go. The idea was to spray the shampoo into your hair, comb it through, and then wipe it out with a towel. The product lasted on the market for less than a year. When women went out on a windy day they ended up with a dirt magnet. Their hair would feel dirty and greasy.

Well that is what’s happening to your carpet when the one-step cleaning process is used. Whenever anything is put on the carpet it should be rinsed with hot water, like your hair.  That is why Carpet Care Craftsman is a Carpet & Rug Institute, Seal of Approval Service Provider. We use Gold Rated cleaning Systems and Cleaning Agents and follow with a 250 degree F Hot Water Rinse.

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