How to Prepare for a Carpet Cleaning

Getting ready for your first professional carpet clean?

Here are Carpet Care Craftsman’s top tips on choosing a good professional carpet cleaner and making the entire process run smoothly:

1. Make Note of Problem Areas

First, you need to know what you need in terms of carpet cleaning. Make note of all your problem areas to present them to the cleaner. Our expert carpet cleaner will then let you know what services should be done to ensure a deep cleaning.

2. Schedule a Free Consultation

During a free consultation, you can get a better picture of the problems you’re dealing with and establish the logistics with the carpet cleaner, such as the preferred date of cleaning.

Our team will stop by your home for the free consultation and provide an estimate based on what your needs are, so you can know all the facts before committing to anything!

3. Set the Stage

Before the cleaners stop by, make sure to clear the area of any furniture, objects, plants, toys, and other elements from the carpet, to ensure a swift and smooth process.

4. Take Your Pets for a Walk

If you have pets, make sure they aren’t in the carpet area while the cleaners are working. This ensures that your pets don’t get hurt or intervene during the carpet cleaning process.

5. Plan for a Long Service

Quality carpet cleaning takes time, and it’s possible you won’t be able to use the area being serviced for a while. The cleaner will give you a rough estimate of how long the job might take, but you should be prepared for a longer service just in case.

Over to You

Choosing a professional to clean your carpet can be daunting because of the confusing rates and not knowing what the final result will be. We understand your concerns and our team is eager to show you why we are your top choice when it comes to carpet cleaning in Colorado Springs.

With Carpet Care Craftsman, your carpet is always in good hands. Call us today at 719-391-0623 and schedule a free consultation with one of our carpet cleaning experts!

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