Get 40 Years Out of Your Carpet

Why do some carpets last 40+ years and similar carpets die in 5 to 7 years? Most installers fail to follow the Carpet & Rug Institute Standard for Installation, CRI 104 for Commercial Carpet and CRI 105 for Residential Carpet. Carpet that is not tight will not last 40+ years.

A close second leading cause is improper cleaning. Remember the last cleaning you had that dried stiff and crunchy? Know what causes stiff and crunchy? Soap Residue! Stiff and crunchy will not last 40+ years. 

So how exactly do you get 40+ years out of your carpet? Just follow these easy guidelines:

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming is the most effective way to extend your carpet’s life. Vacuuming helps pick up the dirt and grime before it has a chance to settle into the foundation of the carpet. It is important to vacuum at least one time per week, and more often if your carpet is in a high traffic area.

Use walk off mats and protector

By placing walk off mats at outside entry points and inside the entrance, you can stop dirt before it enters your home or business. All residential and some commercial carpets come with fabric protector, it is important after every proper restorative cleaning to reapply fabric protector, this maintains the barrier between carpet and soil.

Call a professional

While all cleaners are considered professional not all are trained and certified. The IICRC is the industry certification body. Firms that are IICRC Certified are held to a higher ethical standard, must have Certified Cleaning Technicians, and must maintain CEC’s every two years to maintain their certification. 

Carpet is considered a filter because it catches and holds dirt and contaminants. Rental or home cleaning machines are rented or sold to sell chemical not to get your carpet clean. For your carpet to really get clean you must understand the chemistry of cleaning not just follow directions that teach a motion without any consideration of the result.  
Is your carpet loose, does it have wrinkles, does it rapidly re-soil after cleaning, or is it just not performing to your expectations? Have an IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaner or IICRC Certified Senior Carpet Inspector come out and give you a “Free Assessment” of your carpet. Get in touch with Colorado Springs’ most trusted, most certified, carpet cleaning professionals at 719-391-0623.

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