Do Carpets Get Dirty Quicker After a Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Ever hear the statement “wait as long as you can to get your carpets cleaned because once you get them cleaned, they get dirty quicker”? If this is true, then why would you want to hire a professional carpet cleaning company?

Truth or Myth? It can be either, depending on the knowledge of your cleaner. Here is our expert answer: Your carpet will get dirty quicker if you fail to follow certain steps before and after carpet cleaning.

Common Reasons Why Your Carpets Get Dirty Quicker After Cleaning

Here are the most common reasons why that can happen:

  • Not Vacuuming Properly Before Carpet Cleaning

Pre-vacuuming is the most important part of the cleaning process. Carpet cleaning is about “Gravity and Evaporation”. Water takes everything down and evaporation or “wicking” draws moisture back to the surface. If you get the loose dirt out with dry vacuuming, you don’t have to worry about it showing back up after the carpet dries.

  • Not Using the Proper Cleaning Agents

Carpet cleaning is as simple as washing your hair; however, the process is like spot-treating a stain on a shirt. You can wash the shirt one hundred times in soap and water and never see a difference, but if you properly pre-treat the stain, it comes off in one wash. If your carpets still look dirty after professional cleaning it is because someone did not understand the “Chemistry of Cleaning”.

  • Not Properly Rinsing the Carpet

Not properly rinsing the carpet is as bad if not worse than using the wrong cleaning agents. Leaving a soap residue in the carpet creates a “Dirt Magnet” allowing soil to stick to the carpet creating a stiff crunchy effect. Think of washing your hair and not rinsing all the soap out, that is how your carpet feels.

Chose the Right Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

It is obvious that choosing the wrong carpet cleaning company can do more harm than good. We at Carpet Care Craftsman know exactly what can go wrong and we avoid mistakes through classroom training, certification, and on-site training. Call us today for a FREE Consultation and become one of our many satisfied clients.

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