Carpet Cleaning for Allergies

Carpets are magnets for allergens like pollen, pet dander, dust, and mold. While trapping these airborne irritants can actually help improve air quality in the home, when carpets are not cleaned regularly, these irritants become part of the air we breathe. For those who suffer from severe asthma or allergies, this can make daily life uncomfortable and even hazardous.

In order to ensure a safe home environment, it’s vital that residential carpets are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Here are a few tips on how to make your home safer for someone with allergies:

Switch to Carpeting

If you’re dealing with hardwood flooring, it might be time to switch. New carpet is one of the lowest-emitting products you can install while renovating – much better for the indoor air quality than things materials paint. Several studies have actually pointed to a positive correlation between having carpeting and allergy/ asthma symptoms. The reason for this may actually be that carpets act like an air filter, trapping allergens on the floor, away from the breathing zone. 


Most likely, this is a very familiar activity if you’re an allergy sufferer. But are you vacuuming enough? It’s recommended to run a vacuum over your carpet 2-3 times per week for allergy or asthma prone people. However, during certain seasons when there’s more pollen or other airborne irritants, you may have to vacuum even more frequently.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

The last and most important tip to maintaining an allergen-free home environment is regular cleaning from professional carpet cleaners. While most professionals recommend deep cleaning carpets once or twice per year, for allergy sufferers it might be necessary to increase the frequency.

While you may be tempted to buy a carpet cleaning machine to cut costs, it’s better to invest that money into a visit from a professional. A rented or bought ‘steam cleaning’ machine, no matter how fancy, will only remove surface dirt. To get down deep and remove allergens, dust, and greasy residue – you need specialized equipment in the hands of a pro.

At Carpet Care Craftsman, we specialize in deep cleaning for homes with health sensitivities. Our high heat cleaning process kills all pathogens, leaving behind a sanitized carpet free from allergens and sticky residue. Our years of experience and knowledge of all types of carpeting help us understand the best methods to leave a clean, safe environment for you to enjoy.

We believe that a clean environment is essential, which is why we won’t even accept payment until you say the job is done. So what are you waiting for? Call the most experienced carpet cleaners in Colorado Springs at 719-391-0623!

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