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Whether you have children and pets or not, carpet stains are part of life and are bound to appear at some point. If you face a stubborn stain on your carpet, don’t worry – the professionals at Carpet Care Craftsman provide the best carpet stain removal solutions in Colorado Springs.

For over 40 years, Carpet Care Craftsman has provided outstanding carpet cleaning and maintenance services in the Colorado Springs area. We are proud of the trust we have been able to gain from our customers over the years.

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Professional Stain Removal & Carpet Color Restoration Services

Typically, the longer a spot or spill sits on your carpet, the harder it becomes to deal with it. While most stains can easily be removed by basic cleaning, others require special treatment and some just won’t respond. At Carpet Care Craftsman, we are equipped with the proper tools, products, and knowledge and can take care of a wide variety of stains.

In addition, we use the safest and most innovative equipment and products to help you deal with tough stains. With an arsenal of state-of-the-art carpet stain removal products, we can help you win the battle against the staunchest of stains. 

We understand that every stain is unique and may require a different approach. Our experts at Carpet Care Craftsman are adequately equipped to battle all types of stains. Spilled bleach on your carpet and experiencing color loss? We can neutralize bleach spots on your carpet quickly and effectively and help restore its original color with our carpet color restoration services. Have a hole in your carpet? We also offer carpet repair services!

Our Carpet Stain & Color Restoration Services

Coffee Spills

Bleach Spots (Loss of Color)

Pet Stains

Blood Stains

Nail Polish Spills

Oil Spills

Ink Spills

Grass Stains

Food & Drink Spills (Tomato Juice, Wine, etc.)

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