carpet cleaning service in coMost of us think a carpet and an area rug are the same. Both carpet and area rug bring beauty and style to your home and protect your floor. However, they have differences that your carpet cleaner must consider before providing an area rug or carpet cleaning service. Let’s compare the carpet and the area rug.

Carpet vs. Area Rug for Carpet Cleaning in CO

The most visible difference between a carpet and an area rug is floor area coverage. A carpet takes up a full floor space. An area rug only takes up some of it.

Another noticeable difference between a carpet and an area rug is that the carpet is attached to the floor, while the area rug isn’t. A carpet is secured to the floor with natural glue, latex adhesive, or tacking strips. An area rug can be moved around.

Lastly, a carpet is mostly made up of synthetic fiber, like nylon or polyester. On the other hand, an area rug can be a handwoven combination of all-natural fibers like wool, silk, and cotton.

Differences in Cleaning These Surfaces in CO

Now, we know how an affordable carpet and an area rug differ from each other. Here are the differences between carpet cleaning services and area rug cleaning services.

  • Carpet cleaning services are done in the home; area rug cleaning services aren’t necessarily so. A carpet cleaner will need to clean carpets at your residence. An area rug will be taken by the carpet cleaner and will be returned to you after cleaning.
  • Carpet cleaning services have standardized procedures; area rug cleaning services have different procedures for every type of area rug. There are standardized procedures for carpet cleaning services from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) but no one-size-fits-all procedure for area rug cleaning. Each area rug demands a specific cleaning procedure.

For example:

Steam cleaning, a common carpet cleaning service, cannot thoroughly clean a woolen area rug. Wool fibers are highly complex: these have many tiny crevices where dust and soil particles get trapped. These crevices become more complex as the area rug ages and traps more dirt in.

Steam cleaning a woolen area rug can help remove surface dirt but cannot get rid of dirt from within the area rug. Over time, these dirt particles can accumulate and abrade the fibers of your area rug.

Best practices for rug cleaning:

Follow specific cleaning instructions for your area rug. Ask your area rug merchant how to best clean your area rug. Better yet, if you have a woven Oriental, Persian, or Turkish area rug, follow the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI)’s instructions: have a professional area rug cleaner work on it.

  • Carpet cleaning services are processes an area rug cannot respond well to.

Steam cleaning is good for a carpet, but not for an area rug. Steam cleaning cannot sufficiently dry an area rug. It’s because an area rug needs to be soaked in water for cleaning.

An area rug takes about 48 hours to dry. Within this time period, mold and bacteria breed within the area rug. If the area rug isn’t dried well, dampness and humidity may make the area rug stink, damage its underside, and cause its dyes to bleed.

  • There are cleaning agents that can be used on carpets but not on area rugs.

Some carpet cleaning service providers use chemical cleaning agents for both the carpet and the area rug. This is not good as chemical agents are abrasive and can ruin an intricately designed area rug. These cleaning agents wear out the fabric of your area rug, make its colors bleed, and leave residues that cause the fibers of your area rug to clump together in places.

If the area rug is improperly cleaned, cleaning agents leave blotches on an area rug treated with a dyeing process called tea wash. Your area rug cleaner should use CRI-approved equipment and cleaning agents.

Which Type of Cleaner Do You Need in CO?

A carpet and an area rug are treated differently, so choose an area rug cleaner wisely. A carpet cleaner isn’t necessarily an area rug cleaner. Carpet cleaning service providers that offer area rug cleaning must have IICRC’s Rug Cleaning Technician certification and skills in cleaning area rug varieties.Learn more about how carpet cleaner work here.

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