Carpet Cleaning For A Compromised Immune System

For someone who’s immunocompromised, a clean carpet can make the difference between a normal day and a trip to the hospital. Carpets act like a sponge, absorbing dirt, mold, and bacteria over time. When not properly cleaned and maintained, this can unnecessarily strain the immune system and put those who are immunocompromised at risk.

Why Go Professional?

It’s not enough to have your carpets cleaned by just any ‘professional’. Many budget carpet cleaners use low-end products and improper techniques leave behind residue in the carpet when they’re done. This residue becomes a magnet for dirt, soiling the carpet in just a matter of days. Even with increased cleaning, you’ll find that the carpet becomes more of a health hazard as unhealthy soap residue builds up over time.

To truly clean carpets, you need a professional carpet cleaner who focuses on sanitization and removal of all dirt and chemical residue for a healthy environment that lasts. At Carpet Care Craftsman, we’ve spent years perfecting a carpet cleaning method that not only improves appearance, but also removes dirt and harmful toxins without leaving a chemical residue.

We Care About Your Health

By washing your carpet with water heated to 225°F, we ensure that all pathogens are obliterated. Unlike our low-end cleaning counterparts, we also make sure that all soap and chemical residue is rinsed away, leaving you with a clean, sanitized carpet. 

We stand by what we do and as many of our happy customers would tell you, we go above and beyond to ensure your carpets are up to the highest standards. In fact, we believe in our work so much that we won’t accept payment until you tell us you’re blown away by the job we’ve done.     

A dirty carpet is a health risk. With Carpet Care Craftsman, you can rest easy knowing that the most experienced carpet cleaners in Colorado Springs are on the job. With our advanced knowledge and training on the science behind carpets and proper cleaning, we can help make your home a clean and safe place to live for the whole family.

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