Rug Cleaners Carpet Repair Colorado Springs
Product Specification:
Once you have developed your list from the Needs Analysis, choosing the product becomes easier. Carpet style, color, construction, warranty coverage, and method of installation can now be determined. Carpet Manufacturers have made product selection easier by placing the performance characteristics and life expectancy on the carpet samples.
Color selection determines maintenance requirements. Lighter colors require a higher level of care to retain their appearance. Although darker colors hide soil, maintenance is important to prevent “uglying out”  or premature replacement.
Construction is never considered until the carpet fails to perform when exposed to daily use. Tufted or Woven? Broadloom or Modules? Unitary Back, Action Bac, or Fusion Bonded?
Warranty coverage should be reviewed before the carpet becomes “YOURS”. “Crushing, Matting, and Soiling” are not covered in an average “Wear” Warranty. Better you know what the manufacturer will and more importantly will not cover before the carpet becomes yours. Call us for help understanding your warranty 719-391-0623.
Installation, direct glue down, double stick or stretch in over separate cushion? Major Carpet Manufacturer warranty’s require carpet be installed per the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Standard for Installation. If the carpet is not installed per the Standard  for Installation then warranty claims for some construction defects or poor performance may potentially be denied.