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Carpet is an Asset! If properly maintained Carpet can retain its original investment value for years. Anyone who has ever left a flooring allowance or replaced carpet just to sell a home understands how carpet affects the listing price. At CarpetCare Craftsman, Inc. we have developed the Carpet Asset Management Program or CAMP to help connect the five stages of the Carpet Asset Life Cycle and retain the original value of your carpet investment.
Needs Analysis: 
This is the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of the buying process. If you wanted to go “four wheeling” in the mountains you wouldn’t purchase a sports car. Yet people purchase carpet with no expectation of how it will perform, how to protect it, how it needs to be maintained, or how long it will last.
  • “Who” will use the carpet? Is it for personal use, employee use or customer use?
  • “What” will the carpet be used for? Noise control, aesthetics,  comfort, or color coordination?
  • “Where” will the carpet be installed? Where will carpet begin and end? What type of walk off mat system will
    be utilized?
  • “When” will the carpet need to be cleaned? Should it be on a time schedule or when it looks bad?
  • “Why” should we budget for maintenance? Warranty considerations, appearance retention, and to protect your investment.
  • “How long do you want the carpet last? This will determine replacement timeline for the “Exit Strategy”.
If performed properly a buying plan begins to emerge that leads into the next stage.