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Monument Colorado, especially zip code 80132 is a gorgeous part of Colorado, and it has more than its fair share of great neighborhoods. There are plenty of beautiful homes throughout 80132, and there are always more people interested in coming to Monument and making this town their home.


Carpet Cleaning in 80132

The discriminating homeowners in 80132 accept only the best services when it comes to maintaining their properties. When it comes to carpet cleaning, that means that steam cleaning is particularly popular in Monument.

And Carpet Care Craftsman in the premier carpet cleaner in 80132

Steam Cleaning Carpet in 80132

With a steam cleaning system, every fiber in your carpet is cleaned thoroughly with the penetrating power of extremely hot water. Water temperatures are typically above 220 degrees Fahrenheit. This is more than enough to kill off the unwanted microscopic organisms (e.g. germs, bacteria, etc.) that might be living in your carpets.

Steam as actually just a byproduct of the very hot water used in this technique – the water creates steam as it interacts with the cooler ambient environment in the same way that running the shower in your bathroom makes your mirror steam up. Thus from a technical standpoint, the name “steam cleaning” isn’t entirely accurate. It certainly is effective, though!

Steam Cleans Microorganisms

Besides killing microorganisms, high-temperature water is also very effective at breaking up dirt, grime, and any other particles that need to be removed from your carpet. For especially dirty carpets, a detergent is added to the process to make it even more powerful. Detergents are typically applied to the carpet itself before cleaning begins. They take some time to soak into the fibers fully and bond with all of the soil and other debris that will end up being removed by the cleaning wand.

Steam cleaning can be extremely friendly to the environment. Because the system uses only water without any harsh chemicals, this type of cleaning produces no pollutants. Even when detergent is used as described above, an eco-friendly brand can be selected to minimize the environmental impact of carpet cleaning. The low impact makes steam cleaning especially attractive to families with young children where the floors need to be rendered both clean and non-toxic.

Using steam (i.e. hot water) to clean your carpets its not without its drawbacks. It can take a considerable amount of time for your carpets to dry out after they have been steam-cleaned. Normally It can take between two and 24 hours to fully dry, depending on the intensity of the cleaning session. Drying carpet cannot be disturbed.

Fortunately, Carpet Care Craftsman uses great care and the latest technology to keep drying times to an absolute minimum; two to 12-hour times are now typical.

Clean Carpets in 80132

If you’re ready to treat your carpets to a steam cleaning, entrusting the job to a reliable professional is the way to go. Running the equipment improperly or failing to let the carpet dry could lead to stains becoming even worse instead of disappearing. Experts take the hassles out of the cleaning process and guarantee that you get the results you’re looking for.

Carpet Care Craftsman now services the homes and neighborhoods of 80132 – Monument Colorado.

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