Best Carpet Cleaners in Colorado Springs

5 Things to Look For

1. Wrinkles – Is the carpet just loose or is it damaged? 
Improper installation is the number one cause of loose carpet. This can be repaired. Delamination or separation of the backing materials may cause wrinkling, this condition is irreversible and cause for replacement.



2. Tears – Don’t want your carpet to look like a patch quilt?
Resections are meant to be stronger than the surrounding carpet. If properly performed the insert can be virtually invisible, if not the repair can look like a patch quilt.



3. Dirt/Stains – Replacing carpet because no one can remove difficult stains?
Dirt and colored stains on a white nylon carpet are probably some of the most difficult challenges carpet cleaners face. If you understand the chemistry of the stain, you will have a better understanding of how to remove it from even a white nylon carpet.



4. Matting – Do your traffic lanes look different than the edges of rooms?
Matting condition is usually related to a low density, low twist yarn on a carpet with a short-term warranty. Usually the products warranty will not cover this condition because it is considered an inherent characteristic.



5. Color Loss – Are the areas green, orange, yellow, or white?
Color restoration is an art and matching color is a practiced talent.